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October 30, 2013

Buttermann embraces leadership role

The Daily Star

---- — Buttermann embraces leadership role

I am writing to endorse and support Dan Buttermann for county representative. I work with Dan on a daily basis. We have the difficult assignment of negotiating claims settlements and navigating the deep waters of the civil court system throughout the state.

Successful claims professionals are analytical, proactive, strong negotiators and sensitive to the interests of their customers. Dan carries these characteristics and more. He not only conducts himself with exceptional professionalism, he supports and encourages his co-workers to reach their best level of performance. He makes us believe in our own abilities and demonstrates he understands how to effectively manage a work group. He expresses his ideas clearly and thoughtfully, and aims to balance short-term success with our long-range objectives. 

Dan is a natural leader, and he embraces the role. He strives to be a competent leader, which means he continually examines his performance, and accepts criticism as a useful opportunity to improve. I have no doubt that he will be a hearty advocate as a county representative for the town of Oneonta, just as he has done without compromise on the job. Please vote for Dan on Nov. 5.

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