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October 30, 2013

Stammel and Jacob highly qualified

The Daily Star

---- — Stammel and Jacob highly qualified

I am writing today to urge voters in the town of Oneonta to cast their vote for Andrew Stammel and Patricia Jacob for the Oneonta Town Board on Nov. 5. These candidates represent the views of the people and are both highly qualified to serve the citizens of the town of Oneonta. 

Patricia Jacob, mother of four, has lived in Oneonta for 27 years. Her job as a health care provider at the Bassett Cancer Institute at Fox Care, as well as her service on the board of the Family Resources Network, has given her the experiences she will need to serve the people of the Town of Oneonta as a member on the town board.

Andrew Stammel is a longtime area resident and has lived in both the city and the Town of Oneonta. His experience as an attorney and a small-business owner, as well as his service to AmeriCorps and Arc Otsego, has given him the qualifications needed to serve on the Oneonta Town Board.

Both Patricia Jacob and Andrew Stammel have pledged to promote economic growth and work toward fiscal responsibility, while protecting our water and air quality. In fact, these are the only candidates running for the Oneonta Town Board who have stated this in their literature. Both Patricia and Andrew have pledged to uphold the results of the town survey with regard to protecting our watershed, our roads, our health and well-being, while promoting business growth in the town.

So, please, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, vote for Patricia Jacob and Andrew Stammel on line A or line G.

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