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November 2, 2013

Eckler has sincere desire to serve

The Daily Star

---- — Eckler has sincere desire to serve

I support and recommend the election of Fred Eckler, a candidate for town council in Richfield Springs.

I’ve known Fred for more than 45 years. He is a 1967 RSCS graduate and has lived his entire life in the Richfield Springs area.

For many years, Fred served as a mail carrier. In that capacity he probably knows as much about the area in general and the folks who live there as anyone currently standing for election. 

Along with his wife, Carla, Fred has also worked tirelessly to support the Otsego County Relay for Life, raising tens of thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research during the years he has participated in this effort.

Many of Fred’s neighbors and friends in Richfield know that he is someone who is always willing to help when help in needed but never wants the spotlight of public attention turned his way.

This year’s election is the first time that Fred Eckler has run for public office of any kind. I believe he is doing so for one reason and one reason only — because he sincerely believes he can help the town and its residents improve their quality of life and efficiently deal with this issues they will face in the years ahead.

The voters of Richfield Springs are fortunate to have this good, decent and honorable man willing to serve on our town council and I respectfully recommend Fred’s election at the polls next week.

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Richfield Springs