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July 16, 2013

In Albany, 2013 looks like '1984'

The Daily Star

---- — In Albany, 2013 looks like ‘1984’

Two stories in the July 6-7 Weekend Daily Star show Albany’s arrogance toward us, the people of New York state, and the free enterprise system that supports their free-spending ways.

This ties in with the semantic war and how they change the title of the song to put their false truths out there. Everyone should read “1984” if you haven’t already. Just like some science fiction past writings have come true, “1984” is here, folks. The term “ignorance is strength” is so true. Wake up, New Yorkers.

This ties into Mr. Laszlo Vajtay’s article on his private enterprise and how the state subsidizing would and could ruin his business. Another semantic war on how the state could do better than the private sector. It has been proven time and time again the state fails on all its socialism ventures.

Hey, off-track betting went broke, the oldest racket in the world. We could name many of the state’s failures, but they keep coming on with these crazy ways of wasting OUR tax dollars. 

Time to wake up, New York state, “1984” is here.

Cliff Clune