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April 6, 2013

Don't believe fracking lies

The Daily Star

---- — Have you bought any gas in the past few days? It’s $4 a gallon and steadily rising for no apparent reason whatsoever except greed. Our wonderful president won’t allow additional drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico or the Keystone Pipeline and your friends are opposed to gas drilling.

If the wind blows in the Caribbean too strongly, they abandon the oil rigs for a few days and gas goes up. The producers have a little fire at a Texas refinery and the price of gas and fuel oil goes up another 20 or 30 cents a gallon. These are just minor, little incidents that should have no effect on oil and gas prices.

What will you do when Israel bombs the nuclear plants in Iran? What difference does it make, you ask? When that happens, Iran will close the Straits of Hormuz, blocking 25 percent of the world’s oil from reaching refineries here in the U.S. and elsewhere. Gas prices will instantly go over $12 a gallon and fuel oil to heat your homes will be equally as much. In turn everything you buy will quadruple in price. Are your friends who oppose fracking going to help you out when that happens? No!

The U.S. needs to produce its own energy, and drilling for natural gas is one of them. Keep believing the antis’ unsubstantiated lies about polluting your water and destroying the environment and see where we are when the Middle East shuts off the world’s oil supply. It will be too late by then. Can you afford $2,800 per tankful of fuel oil next winter or $250 every time you fill your car up so you can get to work?

Rick Brockway

West Oneonta