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May 31, 2013

Supervisor not credible on motorcycle track

The Daily Star

---- — Since summer 2012, Harpersfield Town Supervisor Jim Eisel has assured residents adjacent to the motorcycle track known as NY Safety Track that the site plan for the track would be enforced. 

Those of us who have attended town meetings have been mocked by Supervisor Eisel and his board for our concerns that the track was intended not for road safety training as its owners claimed, but for car and motorcycle racing events. Our concerns were based on advertisements featured on the track’s Facebook page and website, which clearly presented the track as a racetrack. 

Supervisor Eisel has repeatedly stated, at public meetings and in the media, that there will be no cars and no racing allowed on the track, and that his board would enforce the site plan law. At the Nov. 13, 2012, town board meeting, he asked his constituents: “How many times do I have to tell you people? There will be no cars.”

For those interested in examining Supervisor Eisel’s competence and integrity, it is noteworthy that the very first event at the NY Safety Track was a racing event featuring exclusively — cars. The site plan, which Supervisor Eisel is obligated to enforce, allows solely for motorcycle road safety training (source: site plan application) following Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum (source: agricultural data statement) using motorcycles modified to produce lower than stock sound levels (source: State Environmental Quality Review).

Delaware County residents may want to examine the work of Jim Eisel Sr. and ask themselves: should this kind of leader be holding office in our county?

Dana LaCroix