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November 25, 2013

Obama still suffering from Pinocchio effect

Greetings from central Texas, where we’ve just completed our annual Barack Obama Buffalo Chip Roundup of Obama lies. It set a new world’s record for deceit.

Three years ago, I mentioned that Obama might be undergoing rhinoplasty to address his Pinocchio nose syndrome. Although rhinoplasty was not considered contagious at the time, the alarming level of lying now emanating from Obama, his inner den of thieves and for that matter the entire Democrat Party has convinced the Center for Contagious Diseases that Obama’s Pinocchio Nose syndrome may well become pandemic.

What convinced the scientists that a Pinocchio pandemic was possible were Obama’s lies about the murder by Islamic terrorists of four Americans in Benghazi when he, Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Eric Holder and Hillary “I wanna be president” Clinton claimed the murders were caused by a cockamamie video. That lie alone added 10 centimeters to Obama’s already-lengthening nose.

Then there were their lies about the murder of Border Agent Allen, the FBI immorally pursuing Fox reporter and American citizen James Rosen, the IRS targeting the tea party and the NSA snooping on the phone calls of thousands of American citizens.

Adding to the possible pandemic was Obama lackeys Janet Napolitano and Joe Biden calling the tea party grandmothers terrorists and racists when the biggest racist is sitting in the Oval Office.

What finally broke the camel’s back was when Obama publicly promised on numerous occasions that with Obamacare citizens who wanted to keep their own medical insurance and doctor could do so, “period.” That alone was a 4-centimeter nose job whopper.

How embarrassing it is when the unethical “leader” of the free world who is privileged to sit in the same chair as the “Gipper” is a pathological liar.

Bill Eckardt

Cedar Park, Texas

Eckardt is a former resident of Oneonta. 

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