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April 19, 2013

Pipeline would be violation of our beliefs

The Daily Star

---- — The Constitution Pipeline violates our belief in the sanctity of private property. If the commissioners of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission so decide, then Cabot/Williams will acquire the right to expropriate the property of over 1,000 people against their wishes.

The value of their properties will decline, while the value of Cabot/Williams stock will increase. Financial power and political influence will have been used

to transfer private wealth to the stockholders of Cabot/Williams.

The Constitution Pipeline violates our belief in America the Beautiful. Cabot/Williams will cut the straightest and cheapest route across our landscape that it can persuade FERC commissioners to approve. It would dredge through wetlands, barely skirt lakes, fragment forests, and irreversibly scar lovely hills.

Fracking would inevitably follow. Forests will be razed, hills cut up into quarries, waters polluted with undisclosed chemicals, and silence shattered with 24 hour roar of compressors. Rather than our beautiful, productive, healthy, peaceful, rural landscape we will be left with an ugly, unproductive, unhealthy, noisy, industrial landscape.

I refuse to believe or accept that this is how we Americans believe decisions that affect us so closely should be taken or that we want our countryside to be so blindly destroyed.

Bruce S. Kernan

South Worcester