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November 21, 2012

In Your Opinion: No explanation for high gas prices

The Daily Star

---- — No explanation for high gas prices

Gas prices in Otsego county are consistently higher — why? 

I was watching the news a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, and the Albany station was reporting the downstate traffic traveling up the thruway to get gas. They showed lines of cars at a gas station in Cairo and in the background the advertised price was $3.55 per gallon. 

At that time the local price was $3.97 per gallon in this area. I was outraged but figured that the price was dropping, as the national news keeps telling us, so maybe it would drop here in a couple of days. 

Here we are three weeks later and the price is still around $4 a gallon depending on what town you’re in. Why? 

I’ve heard the “Well, they have to transport it farther” excuse and that makes no sense. If that’s the case, then the center of the state should be paying even more, since they have to “transport” it farther. 

After visiting, I see that the price varies widely, but when there is a 45 cents a gallon difference within 50 miles, something’s wrong.

Brian VanBuren

Cherry Valley