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November 27, 2012

Country sent GOP a message

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---- — Country sent

GOP a message

My condolences to Chuck Pinkey and friends. Obama and the Democrats won all across the country. Take a look at state races, and you will see the election was sending a loud message to the Republicans. 

You can blame it on the wind and the rain or whatever else pops into your head, but perhaps you need to consider reality for a change. Your party decided four years ago to bring down the president of the United States and to make him a one-term president. He hadn’t even entered the Oval Office, so it couldn’t be because of policies. Why? I believe we all know the answer to that. 

For four years the Republicans used their power to try and make this come true. They obstructed everything on his agenda, especially in the last two years. This was done to the detriment of this country and recovery from the recession. They worked diligently on their goal with no regard for the citizens of this country. That is un-American. 

Then the Neanderthal males came out of their caves to lay claim to the ownership of females’ rights, decisions and ovaries. They want to implement their own version of Sharia law. Law after law was presented and passed regarding women’s rights and freedoms. 

This election has awakened a sleeping giant with this cave-man mentality and empowered women nationwide. Are you familiar with the words of this song? “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!” The Republican Party may have laid down the red carpet for the first Democratic woman president! (The cost for Viagra might go up.) 

Larry Bennett’s letter of Nov. 9 was right on the money. The millions spent, the wasted time and salaries of the Republican Congress, and you are still blowing in the wind.

Donna J. Shaver