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July 9, 2013

In Our Opinion: Cheers

The Daily Star

---- — TText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Coloro Davenport mail carrier Amy Jeffers for potentially saving the life of a woman on her route.

Jeffers was delivering mail when she noticed a yellow garment in the driveway of a home on Charlotte Creek Road.

After she pulled over, she saw that the garment was on a person who was slumped in the driveway. That person was the disabled woman, Elizabeth Brett, whose body temperature appeared to be highly elevated.

Jeffers called 911 and used her shirt as an awning to create shade for Brett before the emergency medical squad arrived.

Brett, 51, said she had become disoriented after having been stung near one of her eyes by an unknown type of insect. The bite caused her to go into anaphylactic shock. She said she believes she was in the driveway, in direct sunlight in hot weather, for nearly two hours before Jeffers arrived. 

“If it wasn’t for what Amy did, I wouldn’t be around right now,” Brett said.

“She should get a medal for all she does for everybody,” Brett said. “She helps everybody and gives up so much for everybody else. When they cut back at the food bank, she spent her own money to make sure everybody got food. She would give you the shirt off her back.”

We agree with Brett. Jeffers shows what a true Good Samaritan really is.


To the Play for Peace Foundation and Capresso Coffee Lounge for holding the first International Soccer Festival in Oneonta’s Neahwa Park in June.

The Oneonta-based foundation’s mission is to promote peace and education through soccer by providing scholarship opportunities to children playing soccer in post-conflict areas of the world.

International professional players were available at the festival for photos and autographs.

The festival included a men’s mini-tournament, a youth co-ed mini-tournament, a ball juggling and freestyle contest, and a soccer clinic for children.

We applaud founder Eddie Kingston and all involved for using the world’s most popular sport to help make a better life for children in war-torn areas.


To “I Love NY LGBT,” a website designed to promote gay-friendly tourism in the Empire State, which went online late last month.

“New York has a proud history of welcoming the LGBT community, and whether you’re planning a weekend trip or a destination wedding, I encourage all to come explore the Empire State,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in the release.

According to the release, the website,, is one of a number of initiatives that grew out of a statewide tourism summit held in May, and the niche LGBT tourism segment accounts for about $70 billion in tourism spending in the U.S. every year.

We’re glad to see New York work to bring some of those dollars to the state.