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September 24, 2012

In Your Opinion: Choose experience over Obama

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---- — Choose experience over Obama

Although Obama inherited a poor economy, his lack of leadership experience made it worse with expensive, mismanaged, failed programs, and he should be replaced. But he should not have to bear total blame alone. All incumbent representatives who OK’d overspending budgets are equally responsible and should get the boot, too.

DJ Shaver, in her Sept. 12 letter, seems to be oblivious to the lies and deceptions perpetrated to get Obama elected when she characterized Romney and Ryan. If all pending lawsuits are heard in court, Obama may soon be proved the champion of liars and deceivers.

He seems to show some of his early Marxist, communist mentoring by known communist propagandist Frank Marshall Davis. His disdain for our Constitution, Christian rights, capitalism and our heritage; the forced implementation of an unwanted government health care system; his claim to spread the wealth; and plan to fundamentally change America are prime examples. 

America didn’t need any drastic change, just better representatives dedicated to all citizen rights, not just minorities and illegal immigrants. I believe our country will be better served by two people who have management and leadership experience that benefited many people, not only themselves, and they haven’t violated any law. If they had, Obama would have his IRS pals all over them. At least we know their past, and who they associated with, and their ideology. 

In all my 86 years, I never saw such voter stupidity as when most Democrats voted for Obama, a complete unknown who associated with communist and America-hating revolutionaries, and also Obamacare without even reading its contents. I hope you realize your stupid mistake and will help rectify it in November. DJ Shaver, you may learn who the biggest liar is if Obamacare is implemented.

Howard Lynch


Schreibman’s plan better for seniors

Before giving candidates our votes, we need to know the facts. This is vital in this year when the election’s outcome will affect the future health of millions of Americans. Will we have affordable access to health care? Can we trust that Medicare and Medicaid will be there for seniors now and in the future?

The two individuals running to represent our district, Chris Gibson and Julian Schreibman, differ on what that future will look like.

Chris Gibson voted for the Ryan budget, which will convert Medicare to a voucher program and give seniors an allowance to buy insurance from private companies. The Congressional Budget Office concluded that Medicare beneficiaries will pay more in a voucher program than they currently pay and that the vouchers would not keep pace with the cost of health care, resulting in greater out-of-pocket costs for seniors.

Julian Schreibman supports traditional Medicare and measures that will strengthen it for the long term. Those measures include: 

• Reforming the Medicare prescription drug program to allow for negotiating for lower drug prices (as does the Department of Veterans Affairs).

• Ending millions in taxpayer subsidies to private insurance companies that provide no cost benefit to individual Medicare participants.

• Promoting coordinated care between doctors and hospitals and encouraging them to modernize information infrastructure, resulting in reduced administrative costs.


These are the facts. Think about them when you go to vote. Consider which future you believe is more secure for your parents, your grandparents, and for you and your children.

Renee Shur