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July 6, 2013

Court rulings show government's overreach

The Daily Star

---- — Though it seems most don’t have a real clue, the recent Supreme Court DOMA and California Prop 8 rulings are nothing more than another step in our journey of having come to see the national government as the ultimate and unquestioned authority in nearly all aspects of daily life.

 Those decisions have now played their part in the ongoing destruction of barriers, like the 10th Amendment, meant to resist centralization of the government. Actually, most domestic issues are better addressed on the state level, exactly for the above reason. Otherwise we’d become who we sought independence from, and the revolution would be made pointless. 

But it already has been, for all intents and purposes, when the human impetuousness of Southern secession is used as just one example of the supposed inherent flaws of states rights. But how can you expect the workings of any government, business or personal relationship to not seem broken, if people are going to misapply or ignore the basic rules? 

Ironically, many conservatives and Republicans are still fully behind DOMA, even though it similarly promotes the idea that it’s impractical and dangerous to take any domestic action other than exclusively through Washington. But should DOMA supporters really be surprised that the court, an organ of the federal state, did what it did last month? Did they think Washington was only going to legislate in their favor? Some group will always be unhappy with what it does. And that’s only minor reason why the government shouldn’t have its nose in 99 percent of what it now does. 

What those June rulings essentially represent is this question: How much of the physical and social workings of our daily lives is it legitimately government’s business to be involved in? 

Robert Olejarz