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April 18, 2013

GOP wants freedom only for its causes

GOP wants freedom only for its causes

Chuck Pinkey want everyone out of his gun cabinet. He is afraid of an unreasonable search. What does he call vaginal ultrasounds? He and his right-wing companions think it is OK to invade a woman’s body but not their gun cabinets. 

Republicans across this country are proposing laws to restrict women’s rights from contraception, access to health care, health care for their children, food assistance, abortion, WIC, equal pay, school lunches, etc. They attempt to restrict women to making decisions about their own bodies, yet allow promotion of sexual stimulation for men blasted from your TV constantly. Ban abortion even for rape and incest? Do we then castrate the men that impregnate these females? Are any of them aware of the statistics regarding incest? Do they believe women deliberately wait until their last trimesters to decide to have an abortion? 

Your last Republican candidate for governor of New York sent e-mails of bestiality around. You, Chuck, voiced your approval of him. Now there is a Republican in Virginia that wants to pass laws regarding what all genders can or cannot do regarding sex acts in their personal lives! Your hypocrisy is unlimited! You cry freedom, the Constitution, your rights: What about everyone’s rights and not just yours? 

If you and your companions believe your gun cabinet is sacred, then we women believe our bodies, love lives, sex lives, marriages and childbearing are none of your business. The bilge you and your bloggers spew out has nothing to do with facts, and promotes all kinds of distortions, hatred and violence. 

Sam Pollak would serve his readership well if he would engage Skip West to become a regular contributor to The Daily Star. We need a better representation of reality than what Mr. Pinkey has to offer.

Donna J. Shaver


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