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August 26, 2013

Thanks for calling Holder a liar

The Daily Star

---- — Well, kudos to Justin Vernold for calling this Attorney General Holder exactly what he is, the biggest liar this country has ever seen. Panders to self-interest and only cares about himself and his own political ideals.

The thing is, President Obama does nothing about it. Also where is the free press on all this, it used to be we could rely on the press to be neutral and expose all of these falsehoods. Doesn’t seem to be that way anymore. 

We heard how Bush lied, remember the signs, and how the Patriot Act took away all our rights and freedoms. Well, it has taken away a lot of that, under the Obama watch with his attorney general doing the taking. OK, let’s see the Obama lied signs, Holder lied signs. Thanks again, Justin, for being a columnist who tells it like it is.

Cliff Clune