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May 20, 2013

It's sad to see Rich Murphy retire

The Daily Star

---- — It was a sad day for Otsego County when Rich Murphy announced his intention to retire from the county board at the end of his current term.

We, the people, need good government. We don’t need “small” government. We don’t need “big” government. We need good government.

Throughout his tenure, Rich has been an exemplar of good government. He is thoughtful, intelligent, open-minded and forward thinking. As a consequence, he was universally well-liked and respected. I am absolutely certain that if people like Rich had been in the majority during our recent past, we would have had good government and we would not be facing some of the problems we are facing today. Otsego County would now be in a better place.

By studying historical and current events, we can see some of the challenges that lie ahead. Energy prices will continue to rise. Desperation to replace our diminishing supplies of cheap, sweet crude will continue to grow, increasing the pressure to find quick solutions that may cause greater problems than they solve. Nationally and regionally, the economy will continue to grow slowly or not at all.

Despite this, I am optimistic and hopeful. I believe that if we, right here in Otsego County, plan ahead, we can better prepare for our future. Predicting the future with certainty is impossible. But, we can at least increase the odds that we will have the kind of future we all want — a strong local economy, a healthy environment and a vibrant community.

So, while it is sad to see Rich leaving the board, we should appreciate and be heartened by his example. If more of our county legislators emulate his commitment and approach to governing, we can have the better future that we want.

Rich, thank you and best wishes.

Edward T. Lentz

New Lisbon

Lentz is a candidate in District 5 for the Otsego County board.