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December 2, 2013

'Gun" should not be a prohibited word

If I had not seen it myself in Chuck Pinkey’s column, I would not believe it. He reported that on two separate occasions, Jim Losie, of Losie’s Gun Shop in Oneonta, attempted to buy ads in local school publications, to SUPPORT the school’s activities. 

His ads were refused by both schools and one of them even suggested that Mr. Losie change the name of his business to “Losie’s Sporting Goods,” apparently so the children might be sheltered from that awful word “guns.” Maybe THEN, they might accept his generosity. Says who? Who are these people? Did it ever occur to the genius making these decisions that maybe Mr. Losie likes the name of his shop the way it is?

I cannot find a ‘politically correct’ word to describe judgment like this … (nor do I want to). The operative word that keeps coming up is ‘stupid,’ which seems to describe it best from any angle. Is “stupider” a word? Because if it is, then I submit that this action is “stupider” than anything else I have seen lately.

Do any of these sheltered students have hunters in their family? Are any of these students hunters themselves? Should we now ban bookstore ads because they might sell bibles and therefore offend someone? What about drug store ads? Heaven forbid our children being exposed to hearing of some of the things sold there! 

And, on and on it goes. Is there ever to be an end of this nonsense? Only if at least some of us stand up and say ENOUGH!. If the people that made the dumb decisions in this matter can’t be fired, citizens should at least demand that their policy-making powers be severely limited in the future.

David K. Butler Sr.


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