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April 5, 2014

In Your Opinion: Gun control efforts are sign of end times

The Daily Star

---- — About year ago, I was listening to an Emergency Medical Services podcast from Albany Medical Center, as I usually do, since I am a volunteer emergency medical technician and firefighter. 

I was shocked to find out a lawyer, rather than a resident doctor, was the teacher, and this lawyer arrogantly brought forth the case that guns kill and gun violence is an epidemic. 

I agree that guns are dangerous if used incorrectly, unsafely or in the hands of someone inexperienced or if in the hands of a tyrant, or someone who is angry, a criminal or psychotic. But I write this to warn fellow U.S. citizens that a backdoor approach is underway to take away your right to protect yourself, your family, your freedoms and your material goods. The president has started to use the Surgeon General’s office in this manner.

Please, I desperately warn you, this is much deeper than just the right to bear arms. We have voted in various government officials who act as though they are God. They think they know what is best for us as individuals and as a society and they will remove your God-given right to free speech and freedom of religion as soon as they are the only ones with the guns.

Please turn off your TV, read the documents that have the solution to our current societal problems: the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and The U.S. Constitution and the Holy Bible. Please start reading the New Testament. These end times that we are in are prophesied about. God bless America. One nation under God. In God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale

Livingston Manor