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April 15, 2013

Resist Democrats' progressive policies

In order for President Obama and the Democrats to completely ram their progressive policies down our throats, it will call for a total suspension of logic, common sense and reason by their faithful devotees. Let’s examine some of their dogmas.

Gay marriage is one of the most dynamic issues of the day! Don’t worry about that pudgy little maniac in North Korea who levels nuclear threats against us every day.

The president feels that our $17 trillion national debt is really nothing we have to be concerned with. The president, and all Obama-ites out there, who have never dealt with business matters, or have hustled to maintain a budget, will swallow this hook, line and sinker.

The White House would have you believe that the sequester will brutalize our nation economically, but at the very same time, Barack and company authorized $250 million to Egypt, $200 million to Jordan and lavish vacations to London are given the green light.

The Dems and their dear leader crucified the concept of a voucher system to give inner-city minorities a chance at a decent education and a chance in life, meanwhile the two Obama girls sit cozily in a private school with (gasp) gun-toting security guards.

Obamacare will save the nation’s sickly uninsured and offer all citizens deluxe health care at a much-reduced rate. Perhaps we should just disregard the 2,700 pages of draconian regulations and hidden taxes, yearly increase in insurance rates and the all-too-real specter of doctors leaving the field, unwilling to put up with the bureaucratic nightmare for greatly reduced remuneration.

Don’t be a political pawn. Respect the Constitution, disavow giveaway programs and live and breathe conservative values.

Joel Canfield


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