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April 23, 2013

Obama worse than terrorists

The greatest threats to America are not from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran or Kim Jong Il in North Korea but from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the headquarters of Barack Obama and his “Evil Empire.”

In four years, Obama has: 

• put America into unsustainable debt; 

• wasted hundreds of millions worshiping the green goddess; 

• exaggerated about shovel-ready jobs, then all but spit in the face of decent Americans (of which he’s not) who lost their jobs and their homes; 

• put seniors and the unborn in mortal danger by giving Commissar Kathleen Sibelius and her ilk the power of life and death; 

• devoted more emphasis on same-sex marriage then foreign policy where he has endangered the country with his ineptness in Iran, Libya, Egypt and North Korea; 

• signed the death warrants of four brave Americans in Benghazi just to placate the local Islamites, aka terrorists; 

• lied through his teeth about transparency in government; 

• declared war on Christians and people of faith threatening government reprisals against biblical tenets on conception and marriage; 

• stabbed Israel in the back demanding it return to pre-1967 borders, which is tantamount to suicide; 

• refused to come clean about his role in the murder of border agent Brian Terry; 

• declared himself judge, torturer and executioner of any American he deems a threat and due process be damned (and he called water boarding torture); 

• is attempting to trash the Second Amendment, rendering members of the public incapable of protecting themselves from an oppressive government (remember he called for his own personal security force on July 2, 2008); 

• and finally deemed a “summit” with Tiger Woods more important than shooting hoops.

He probably cheats on his golf scores. After all, he seems to lie about everything else.

William Eckardt

Cedar Park, Texas

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