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January 24, 2014

In your opinion: City should be ashamed of its roads

The Daily Star

---- — Over the course of the 19 years of my life, I have lived in the same town, on the same street and in the same house. While still young, my experiences in Oneonta have been unforgettable and relatively happy. However, throughout my life one problem within the city has consistently bothered me. 

This issue is with the decrepit state in which this city has left the roads around Wells Avenue and Susquehanna Street. Nestled away from the majority of the world’s eye, Wells and Susquehanna have had crippled, pot-hole-filled roads with near zero construction to better the situation. This was until recently. In December, the city of Oneonta decided that finally, after all of these years, some repair would come. 

However, now in January, the road repairs have halted and the situation was left in an even worse state than before. Anyone driving through this area would feel as though they were driving through a war-torn country, not a small city. There are cones, road blockers, and holes left unattended. 

The city should be ashamed of how it has treated the taxpaying families who live in these areas and maintain homes. As a young person who may eventually live and hold some fate in the future of Oneonta, I am disappointed. Even through the efforts of my parents and my family, nothing changes. 

Granted there have been multiple cold days and wintery snowfalls, some days it has been warm enough for at least some progress to take place. I find myself wishing that the roads would even go back to the state they were in before construction began as even that was better than this. I also find myself becoming increasingly apathetic in the way I view not only this city, but local government on a larger scale.

Riley Ackley