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April 26, 2013

Brunswick right about Obama, Congress

The Daily Star

---- — Cary Brunswick’s column for April 16 all too accurately sums up one of the most disappointing elements of President Obama’s attempts to “compromise” with a foot-dragging Congress, the Boehner-McConnell crowd in particular.

As one of those low-level Social Security benefit recipients, I already feel some pressure of looming debt. I strongly deplore the pretense of some legislators that Social Security recipients are on a dole from the federal government. Social Security funds are paid into by working people all their working lives. If the U.S. Government had not, more than once, “borrowed” Social Security money — money never repaid — a deficit of Social Security funds could never happen.

I still have some (very slight) hope of honest, caring government. It’s fading day by day.

William F. Roberts