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April 30, 2013

Media should be tougher on Democrats

The Daily Star

---- — It was refreshing to read an article by Miriam A. Thurber, a sophomore at Unatego Junior-Senior High School. Some of our Democratic liberal teachers and media failed to indoctrinate her against the Second Amendment, and common sense prevailed.

Media would scream foul if the First Amendment were censored so they couldn’t sensationalize tragic events, making heroes out of the perpetrators for other sick individuals to try to do one better.

Seizing law-abiding citizens’ rights by our governor’s “SAFE Act” was done much like Obamacare, rushed without discussion, contrary to Skip West’s column.

The president and governor have followed Rahm Emanuel’s lead by not letting a tragedy go to waste if it may help instill fear and move their agenda forward.

Why is the government buying 1.6 billion of rounds of ammo for Homeland Security while cutting essential services?

Why has the news media not asked constant questions about this or operation “Fast and Furious” where Obama cited executive privilege?

Please protect the U.S. Constitution and the rights afforded to you by it instead of letting our Democratic leaders reinvent it with Chicago-style tactics. Let all law-abiding citizens question our officials and hold them accountable for their actions.

Edward V. Dawyot

Mount Vision