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May 17, 2013

Redistributing wealth just isn't fair

The Daily Star

---- — Yesterday a dozen of us were eating lunch in the break room where I work, most of us complaining that all we could afford was peanut butter and jelly and bologna ... except for Rob.

Rob had an extra-large pizza with all the toppings. Everyone knows Rob is rich. Why should Rob have more than we do? We work hard, too. It didn’t belong to us, we didn’t earn it, but we deserved some of his pizza, didn’t we? It just isn’t fair.

Fortunately we live in a democracy, so we put it to a vote. Some folks actually voted against taking something that didn’t belong to us! But the majority of us voted in favor of taking some of Rob’s pizza whether he liked it or not. After all, we had a majority, so our opinion must be right!

So without his permission, we took some of Rob’s pizza and divided it between us. ... The majority is not always right. It just isn’t fair.

The wealthy already pay most of our taxes and donate enormous sums to charities.

Many who voted for President Obama and support his agenda to increase taxes on the wealthy pay little or no taxes themselves. Promising middle class and poor Americans he will ease their burden by placing it on the shoulders of other, wealthier Americans is immensely popular and significantly helped his re-election; but it is wrong.

President Obama is wrong. The Democratic philosophy of wealth redistribution is wrong, socialistic and un-American. It just isn’t fair.

Gavin A. Ralston, IV

East Meredith