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May 17, 2013

Hoping many will adopt a grave

The Daily Star

---- — It's that time of year again; adopt a grave. I am hoping when you buy flowers or a plant for a family member or friend's grave that you will buy some for another grave. I wish everyone would open up their heart and honor someone else by putting flowers on their grave. My hope is that groups, families and youth groups adopt a cemetery or a grave, and at least once a year that person or persons will be remembered. I started out with two and now am up to 14. It doesn't have to be expensive; just what your heart tells you to do.

Also an update on my Kids For Connecticut, I am working with the Parks and Recreation Director of Newtown, Conn., and planning a living memorial with a solar water fountain and a plaque from us, and if any money is left, it will go into their general fund.

Thank you to all who have made it possible me to do this for Kids for Connecticut and maybe adopting a grave.

Judy Scanlon