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January 31, 2013

New gun laws threat to Second Amendment

The Daily Star

---- — New gun laws threat to 2nd Amendment

I would like to address the recent controversy on gun control. I believe that we are in jeopardy of losing our Second Amendment constitutional right to bear arms. 

Guns have been in my family for generations as they have been for many other families. We have been supervised and taught to treat them with care. Thus we have always used them safely and respectfully.

The main argument for not outlawing guns is for a person’s own protection. I am concerned that the recent restriction on guns could lead to the government banning all firearms. Guns are a part of life for many people in many different ways. Many families hunt to supplement their food bills. Many people also use guns for recreational purposes such as target shooting. Hunting and shooting as a family offers quality time together learning about the outdoors.

When tragedy strikes, people are to quick to point their fingers at guns. People who support gun control should direct their energy toward the breakdown of family, such as the long hours of unsupervised television and video games and the lack of religion, which is the real problem.

I believe that the ban of guns will not help our society but only make it worse. I believe that stricter background checks on the purchase of firearms could help to lower crime rates and resolve gun control.

Clearly it should be criminals that they have a database for, not law-abiding citizens.

Garrett Martin