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March 11, 2013

Gun confiscation is a real threat

A puzzling thing about the left in America is that they say something as though it is a fact and then repeat it and repeat it until they soon believe it is a fact. They do not bother to look it up. I am afraid that tendency has crept into the commentary page of this newspaper. 

Sam Pollak has heard the left’s contention that nobody is going to confiscate guns so often he believes it to be a fact. (Commentary section, Feb. 16 and 17.) Sam just didn’t look it up.

I did look it up, and lo and behold, found these news headlines within the past week: “Missouri Dems Introduce Gun Confiscation Bill;” “Minnesota Democrats Pushing Gun Confiscation Bill Similar To The One Recently Proposed By Democrats In Missouri.” 

Hmmm. Both proposals provide that citizens can take their newly defined assault weapons and ammunition out of their state, render them permanently inoperable, surrender them to an appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, or submit to an onerous investigation and registration process run by local law enforcement. If the citizen does not measure up, the gun is confiscated.

California has a law enforcement agency whose sole task is confiscating guns. They attempt to get guns from felons and people with mental illness. However, as the left has long and loudly pointed out in the recent voter-rights debate, state criminal records are often wrong and felons can get their civil rights restored, including the right to possess a gun. So, just like comparing felony conviction records to voter registration records was wrong, sending out sneaker-clad, or otherwise, agents to confiscate those guns is bound to step on the rights of citizens.

By the way, I found all three of these stories on the first page of a Google search under “gun confiscation.” You gotta look it up.

Robert J. Poulson


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