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June 12, 2013

Our country needs plan

The Daily Star

---- — The national debt, deficit and budget are out of control, and worst of all no one important seems to care or is unable to get this message to the president and public at large. Attempts to control spending so far have been ineffective and not focused on its importance.

The General Accounting Office has warned that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as health care, are unsustainable and all are pointing to huge financial and economic problems not too far down the road. Already, the U.S. has close to a $17 trillion debt and growing quickly out of control with no one important in the government stressing any need of change.

The president needs to be alert to this problem and willing to do something significant about it. There must be a real plan now to address the nation’s financial problems 10, 20 and 30 years-plus into the nation’s future. 

Someone in government should be yelling “fire” to get the attention and focus needed to urgently address this problem. The General Accounting Office and the Congressional Budget Office and all of the related offices have been warning the politicians and the elected members of national government that there is a very serious financial and economic crises facing us not too far down the road.

There is more to an elected office than just taking care of the locals and the electorate. The nation as a whole is also, and may be, the most important responsibility.

Does anyone seriously care what is happening to the nation as a whole?

Louis Nicholson

Fly Creek