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May 28, 2013

Pump station a sign of what's to come

The Daily Star

---- — Has anyone noticed the pump station being constructed next to the Susquehanna River on Route 7 in Colliersville?

On the site are three massive pipe sections that are 5 to 6 feet in diameter and about 50 feet long, which are marked “Pump 1,” “Pump 2” and “Pump 3.”

This system will enable them to suck water out of the Susquehanna through these pipes, fill giant trucks, three of which are already on the site, and then take the water to fracking sites as soon as they are permitted here.

The water can then be mixed with antifreeze, diesel fuel, benzene and toluene and a host of other poisonous chemicals, and then pumped into our beautiful countryside to extract methane from shale.

Sixty percent of the contaminated water comes back up, and ends up either being injected back into the earth or put into open pits for evaporation, causing air pollution.

Promoters claim the toxic water will stay underground forever, but many cases of livestock and human illness traced to contaminated water from fracking have already been documented. Leakage is inevitable.

The earth is not a secure vault, as the frack promoters would have us believe. And allowing open pits of frack fluid that spill over during flooding, and at best evaporate toxic substances into the air (which proposed New York regulations would allow), is just plain stupid and criminally irresponsible.

Do you think all the people who promote fracking will come forward and take responsibility when our children start getting sick?

But back to those pipes — they are huge, and have the potential to turn Goodyear Lake and Lake Otsego into mud puddles.

If you value our beautiful countryside, and the businesses that rely on our clean environment, please take a stand against fracking and against the pipeline.

Chris Hammond