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October 2, 2013

Star too concerned with gay agenda

The Daily Star

---- — We are about to bomb Syria and what is the headline on The Daily Star? Area activists complaining about the Russian gay law — a law that bans discussing homosexual relations anywhere children might hear. 

What’s wrong with that? I don’t think children should be subjected to that. I am getting sick and tired of “gay” activists cramming their lifestyle down the throats of normal people. Oh, I’ll get a lot of flak on that one! You see, normal to me is a male and female getting married and raising children. And yes, the majority of the population supports that idea. 

I have gay friends and they surely don’t push their lifestyle at me as I don’t push mine at them. The Daily Rag is just like 85 percent of the rest of the newspapers in this country. Political correctness is their agenda and NEWS is not!

Henry Groth