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November 5, 2013


The Daily Star

---- — To all the candidates who are running for office in today’s election.

It takes a lot of civic responsibility, not to mention courage, to put your name on a ballot to be approved or rejected by your neighbors. At a time when it’s getting harder and harder to get folks to exercise their right to vote — particularly in an off-year election — special praise should be directed toward those who go those extra miles to serve.

It’s not as if anyone in a local election is going to get rich off what he or she is paid if fortunate enough to win. And there has to be a willingness to endure often-unfair attacks on your character and motives, work long hours if you’re fortunate enough to win, and to listen to your constituents tell you how to do your job.

For those who don’t happen to win, we thank you for giving the voters a choice. You have made an important contribution to democracy.

To legislation signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to cap raises in agricultural land taxes at 2 percent per year.

The bill allows local and state farmers to be able to do a better job of gauging their expenses, save them from what previously could have been a 10 percent hike, and keep them on their land.

Over the past seven years, the base assessment value for agricultural lands in New York state has nearly doubled, leading to huge property tax hikes. It hasn’t made life easy for our local farmers.


To an entirely preventable and unsatisfactory situation regarding students at the State University College at Oneonta.

This item appeared recently on the SUNY Oneonta Student Association Facebook page:

“The SA has been notified that there is a problem with students throwing up on the bus on the way downtown, which is causing buses to go offline for cleaning and therefore not available for transporting students. What ideas do you have on how to deal with this?”

We have an idea for the students: Grow up, don’t throw up. Stop acting like immature jerks who can’t hold their liquor.

We have another idea: Instead of some hard-working bus driver having to clean up your vomit, you should be required to do it.

Things, if anything, seem to be getting worse.

More students are throwing up on the way TO downtown.

That means students are making multiple drinking forays downtown or getting drunk on campus, where drinking is not permitted.

Time to grow up, kids.