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June 5, 2013

New parking meters hurting Cooperstown

The Daily Star

---- — Tuesday, May 28, I drove to Cooperstown to see the Traveling Vietnam Wall at Doubleday Field. I parked by the bakery and started to walk to Doubleday when I noticed the new parking meters. I had to go back to the truck and get eight quarters as they will not take $1 bills. Then I had to go back to the truck with my receipt for the truck dashboard.

I walked down the street less than two minutes to find that the wall was already packed up and gone, even though it was advertised to be there on the 28th! I went back to the truck for a total time of under five minutes and paid $2 to do it!

We used to shop in Cooperstown occasionally. I would go in CVS for medicines or other items that took 10 to 15 minutes, or pick up my birdseed and other items at the general store, which was always less then 30 minutes, or go into the bakery (another 10 minutes or less), and not all on the same day (usually after doctor appointments).

Now it would cost me $2 to do any of these 10- to 15-minute stops. It would now cost me $2 to go into the Cooperstown Diner for a cup of coffee, which I like to do. And we are supposed to support our local community! I will be paying my $2 one more time to let every merchant know that we will no longer be doing ANY shopping in Cooperstown!

We live in Springfield Center and it is just as easy to go to Richfield Springs. No wonder there were a lot of parking spaces! Whose stupid idea was this? Goodbye downtown Cooperstown!

Dennis Dorn

Springfield Center