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June 8, 2013

Accusations about town board not true

The Daily Star

---- — In response to Ms. Piciullo’s letter printed May 29, the “sarcastic smirk” and “chuckles” on the face of a town board member about “The List of the Harmed” was NOT true! 

First of all, if you had thought it was about “The List,” why did you not say so at the time it was said? That way the truth could have been addressed and you would have not had to spend your time writing to the paper about something that wasn’t true. 

We all have patiently sat through hours of rhetoric from “experts” about poisoned water, polluted air, ruined roads, mortgages canceled, etc., etc. After consultations with local financial, insurance and realty institutions, these “experts” were proven wrong! 

It is quite apparent that area town boards have enough on their plates with declining real estate values, people leaving the area, lack of good jobs, the failing economy and increased taxes. Amid all the bans, moratoriums and general negative actions being promoted by all those “protecting” our well-being, it is hard to find positive ideas to improve our present predicament.

Mary A. Bordinger

West Oneonta