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December 22, 2012

In Your Opinion: Media bias at work on Newtown coverage

Please just tell the truth to honor the children and teachers. 

Secular progressive liberals chased God and rules out of schools. Being devoid of logic and facts, they want to blame guns. In recorded history of the world, a gun has never killed anything without a human being present. Duh! “People kill people.” 

People are the problem. Secular progressives, does silverware kill fat people? Is ice on steps a killer? Should we take out the big killer, bathrooms? How about refrigerators and stoves so people won’t eat so much? Duh! Logic! And how about cars?

Here is some logic: the Protestant work ethic built America. Bible teachings of self-reliance, sacrifice, faith, determination, personal work and saving money (not printing, if you can add and subtract). 

China is printing Bibles while our secular politicians are printing money ... duh! 

Political pedophiles that cannot pass third grade are killing America and every child’s future in America. (In third grade, you learn to add and subtract.) People are the problem, not guns or money. 

Bring back God’s teachings, the 10 commandments: Love, giving, caring, sharing, accountability and responsibility. Teachers that give their lives to children know what we need! Less government and local control. The president’s pen is more lethal than any gun. 

Try this: if government would leave capitalism alone, the 20-year-old would have had a job and been at work at 9:30. 

Ken Williams


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