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Religion Column

November 12, 2011

God smiles on certain 'old-fashioned' views

"Old-fashioned" is defined as "not in accord with or not following current fashion" and "unhip." I'm gladly "unhip" if "hip" means compromising God's standards. Many reject Christ and his moral values, and due to rejecting Christ, sadly face a real hell. That breaks God's heart, and mine too.

God, too, is old-fashioned by the world's standards. He doesn't change to fit with what's fashionably current; He's repulsed, not by people so much, but by any sin, including the act of same-sex couples uniting in marriage, or men and women living together in unmarried sexual relationships.

Times may have changed, but sexual immorality, or any other sin, is still not OK with God in 2011. That offends some, but they shouldn't be offended by those who point this out, but rather take it up with God. He's the one who speaks disapprovingly of men and women exchanging natural sexual relations for unnatural ones, and being inflamed with lust for one another, which God calls "shameful acts."

It's not progress when states vote favorably for same-sex marriages. In God's eyes, which always trumps the state, it's still not acceptable. God doesn't bless such unions. Such state-approved unions are a step backwards for America.

One of Satan's great schemes is to legitimize immoral relationships and cast doubt on God's Word. There's nothing beautiful about immoral sexual unions. That is said with love, as I'm only reiterating what's been made clear according to God.

It's not something commendable when liberal media cheer efforts promoting deviant lifestyles or governors joining ranks of gay parades. With all due respect for their right to their views, it's not wise when media mocks God, pointing out the sun still rises and sets and the world didn't come to an end on the heels of ungodly behavior.

God is showing patience, but at some point, we'll all give an account for how we've lived. It's not admirable when certain segments of God's church join with the world's thinking, viewing sinful behavior as now acceptable. God is looking for pastors and churches with spiritual backbone, that will take a stand for what's right. These views are not reflective of personal, homophobic, hateful or prejudicial views, but, rather, they're God's standards.

Jesus loves everyone, but doesn't approve of sexually deviant lifestyles or any other sin. The church should welcome all to respectfully attend their services, but that welcome must not mean approval of sin. Just as God loves all unconditionally, we must love every soul regardless of their lifestyle.

Christians should not speak with anger or condemnation toward anyone. We have no room or right to condemn. Christians must understand people are conflicted in emotions and feel driven by inward desires. However, not all inward desires should be acted upon.

Some tendencies should be resisted because it's sin according to God. Christians who take stands against evil are not hateful. They desire every soul be saved. That's not hate. That's love.

It's time for God's church to quit being intimidated by Satan's lies, wake up and take a loving, but Biblical stand against evil, and it should be emphasized, not personal attacks against people. The Church must have courage to live and speak what's right. God says shame on the church that compromises to accommodate sexually permissive societies. Revival must begin in God's house.

Some twist biblical teachings to come in line with their behavior. It's one thing to choose one's lifestyle. That's an individual's right and his business when it doesn't hurt others. It's quite another thing to feel it necessary to continually announce one's lifestyle to everyone and insist on special treatment, recognition or acceptance of their behavior.

God says terrible days are coming when evil will dramatically increase followed by judgment. Sexual deviant behavior, including any sexual relationship outside of marriage between a man and woman, is foisted upon the public through media constantly promoting immoral lifestyles. America's a great nation, but she's racing down an immoral path leading to spiritual decline.

Today, many sins are portrayed as "good" while righteousness and purity is declared "evil." Sexual immorality is a crisis of our time and is the face of evil. There's a spiritual war that will only be won by an awakened Church determined to stand for God's righteousness. Thankfully, these views here are given equal opportunity to be expressed. God will forgive repentant hearts and save whoever calls upon God. Jesus went to the cross for everyone.

With all that said, thank God this Veterans Day weekend for our nation's veterans, who lay their lives on the line to preserve our freedom to choose our lifestyle, right or wrong, and to express our views on lifestyles, no matter what those views are.

Thank a veteran today. I thank one every day, whom I'm proud to call my wife.

The Rev. Jim Wheeler Sr. of Oneonta is an evangelist with the Assembly of God.

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