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Sam Pollak

March 1, 2014

Religion should be a comfort, not a weapon


Others with efforts to turn members of the gay community into second-class citizens by statute include Idaho, Utah, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon and Ohio.

If all it takes to legally refuse service or accommodations to someone is to declare that doing so would violate religious beliefs, then why stop at gays? Sure, why not blacks? Why not Jews or Muslims or Catholics?

The Bible is chock-full of things that were used in a twisted way to justify segregation of the races. It can similarly be employed to justify just about anything, depending upon someone’s interpretation of Scripture.

If the bills’ supporters had their way, as I see it, I wouldn’t even have to belong to one of the world’s great religions. I could start my own, worshiping a lamp in my living room that I would call Ralph. Then, if I owned a restaurant and didn’t want to serve people who have blue eyes, all I would have to do is say that my deeply held religious belief was that Ralph forbids it.

Ridiculous, right?

But perhaps not so ridiculous as a recent televised “debate” involving Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” with Ken Ham, founder of Kentucky’s Creation Museum.

Nye is an engineer and television personality who has taught a generation of young people about science. Ham is an Australian who has a profitable ministry in Kentucky, believes the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that “creation science” should be taught in schools along with evolution.

Nye was a lot more knowledgeable, and certainly more polite than I would have been, when he presented a wealth of geology, paleontology, astronomy and carbon-dating evidence against Ham’s so-called “historical science,” which essentially came down to ignoring anything that wasn’t in the Bible.

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Sam Pollak

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