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Sam Pollak

March 22, 2014

A minority group that's getting out of hand

You know how it is with this one particular minority group. I’m pretty sure you know which one I’m talking about here.

I mean, members of this minority are always looking to take offense, so much so that you really have to watch what you say all the time, lest you be accused of being biased against them.

Of course, some of them are good, decent folks you wouldn’t mind having over for dinner, but they’re probably the exception. Most of them are really pushy and don’t know how to act when they’re not around their own kind.

They think the world owes them a living. They want things done for them that they could easily do themselves if they just got off their butts and showed some initiative.

They expect hard-working, taxpaying Americans to cater to them and not to resent all the advantages they get from the government.

With all the publicity they get, you’d think there are more of them than there really are. Maybe that’s because they tend to be so clannish, sticking together so they can stick it to everybody else.

At last count, there were only 442 of them in the United States.

They are, of course, America’s billionaires.

Many of them — including the liberal George Soros and the conservative Koch brothers — give a lot of money to worthy charities, and some of them even pay sizable taxes, although they tend to not be shy about taking advantage of offshore tax havens.

They have it made, and then some.

But bring up income inequality with some of these characters, and you’re likely to be accused of being Madame Defarge, happily knitting away while the guillotine beheads yet another member of the bourgeoisie.

Earlier this year, venture capitalist Tom Perkins, who is estimated to be worth about $8 billion, wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal complaining about the Occupy Wall Street movement’s “demonization of the rich” and its “progressive war on the American one percent.”

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Sam Pollak

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