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Sam Pollak

October 26, 2013

Getting robbed of my untapped potential

This …. well … could have happened.

There I am, standing at the kitchen sink, my glass at the ready under the faucet, desiring nothing more than some cool water to slake an honest man’s thirst.

Then … nothing.

Not a drop.

Sometimes the faucet at work is a little balky, and it helps when I wave the glass under the nozzle a few times. I do so now, at home.

Still nothing.

I don’t understand what’s going on, so I call my wife over, seeking her wise counsel.

“Look,” I say, wiggling the glass under the tap a bit more emphatically. “Nothing is coming out … and I’m thirsty.”

“Hmmmm,” she says, rubbing a pretty chin, “I believe I see the solution to your difficulty.”

I look at her in amazement, impressed that she could solve the problem so quickly. She went on.

“Do you see those two knobs on either side of the spout?”

I reply that I could see them clearly.

“Well,” she says, “if you want cold water to come out of that faucet, it will require that you move the knob on the right in a counterclockwise direction.”

“The devil you say!”

“No, really,” she says encouragingly. “Try it.”

I do, bringing forth a torrent like Moses upon the rock at Horeb.

Fascinated, I try the same method with the knob on the left, but it won’t budge.

“No, dear,” says my bride, “that one you must turn clockwise.”

“What sorcery is this?” I murmur.

But sure enough, when I follow her instructions to the letter, warm and increasingly hot water flows from the tap.

“Everything OK now?” this jewel among women asks.

“I’m not rightly sure,” I say. “It sure seems like a lot to remember — counterclockwise on the right, clockwise on the left. That’s a whole lot of work for just a glass of water.”

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Sam Pollak

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