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August 13, 2011

Looking Back: Embarrassment can turn into humor, if you let it

Daily Star

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I have talked and written about old age and most of the "ughs." That's boo-boos and blunders and I ended the column with: "Most likely our readers could add many more." True?

Here's a few of my "many mores," and probably yours too.

As years go by, I hope I'm not too distressed, since I'm still here. I'll just write them down in a notebook to reminisce later and have a good laugh as I remember the many blunders that sometime start out being somewhat difficult and a bit embarrassing.

Yes, I'm still here and I wrote an addendum.

Have you ever?

"¢ Put the garbage (nicely bagged) in the refrigerator? I have.

"¢ Put some piece of clothing on backwards or inside out? I have.

"¢ Forgotten why you went downstairs or upstairs or in the other room? Haven't we all?

"¢ Left a half consumed mug of coffee on top of the car and driven away? Yes.

"¢ How about leaving business papers on the hood of the car and driving away? (We were fortunately young enough to be able to run after and rescue them all.)

"¢ The many times of forgetting the grocery list. When putting "brains" on paper and then forgetting the list or even dropping it somewhere as I shop ... well, that is too many times.

"¢ Wearing eye glasses, supposedly, and then forgetting where they are for they're not on your nose (as should be). There they are perched on top of your head, nestled in your hair. No, not me, for mine are always on my nose where they should be. Yes, that was, my sweet grandmother, years ago and a lesson learned.

"¢ Have you ever made sure you have the check book but then only one check left? At least there is a saving. (That was back when "plastic" wasn't so popular).

"¢ Mentioning checks: It's so embarrassing to carefully write out a check, making sure all is correct, and then forget to sign it. It comes back in the mail and you eat humble pie with apologies.

"¢ I love the blunder when my hubby wants to take me out to lunch and then forgets his wallet. Oops! I get to drive home. (Yes, I still have a loving husband, which is a blessing.)

"¢ Having the medical folks phone to remind us of an appointment is greatly appreciated. Even though I try to write everything down on my calendar I still make mistakes.

"¢ It wasn't too many years ago that I left the car parked at the post office and walked home. It's a good thing we only lived two blocks away at the time when I discovered our car was missing.

There is so much to chuckle over.

As many have said: You can't go through this life without a sense of humor and especially so as to laugh at yourself. Even medical science has proven that laughter is good medicine.

Also, doesn't Proverbs 17:22 tell us that "a merry (joyful) heart doeth good like medicine ...?" I certainly believe in that.

"¢ How many times have we observed someone aimlessly wander in the super market parking lot looking for his car? (I remember when and snicker).

I try to always pay more than the usual attention to what I am doing as age goes on.

Almost getting into the wrong car that resembles yours is upsetting especially when you wonder where all the clutter came from.

I guess we all can relate to many of the above along with perhaps adding the blunder of inattentively leaving an umbrella, coat or hat at a restaurant.

But forgetting and leaving a pack of beer on the bottom of the shopping cart is something we hope never to repeat. All turned out OK, for we phoned the market to humorously explain what we did in our old "ageisms."

The management was extremely understanding and gave us another.

That was a nice experience ... almost like "turning a curse into a blessing."

Elaine W. Kniskern is a 78-year-old resident of Schenevus and a grandmother of five. She can reached at 'Senior Scene' columns can be found at www.