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January 26, 2013

Looking Back: Belief of life after death offers tranquility

The Daily Star

---- — As I write this column, tears of sadness have been shed. I didn’t think I could express myself for fear of sounding so remorseful to the point of despair. 

But why the change — the change to calm and tranquility? I can truthfully say that a different outlook and hope has a tremendous effect — an effect on anyone. especially those grieving.

Let me go back to the cause of my tears of sorrow, of sadness, to the point where my heart actually hurts. One of our very dear, dear friends has died. Many people use the term that he or she has “passed,” but passed where? Gone where?

Throughout this lifetime there have been many deaths. There have been many funerals, memorials, wakes, viewings or whatever the label is put on of the saying of goodbye to a life that has ceased — a life that will be missed. Where is that energy, that life force?

Nobody likes to talk or even think about this subject, but pages have been written with all the “could-be”s  through customs, traditions and even fantasies. A thinking person, upon much research, might even come to the conclusion: Nobody knows. Perhaps that is true with the many, but upon a deep thorough investigation and a factual one, “seeing” — seeing with the eyes of understanding — can be most enlightening to the point of, as I mentioned, the calm and tranquility. You can call that peace of mind.

“Passed where?” could be interpreted to a passing through this life and into another. That’s an interesting line of thought because our human body was designed to heal itself. Even our cells renew themselves every seven years — so I’ve read. Fact is that we, the human, ages and dies. But the body does or had the ability to regenerate and heal itself. That is confirmed by medical science. Can there be regeneration or a reawakening? 

Most folks know of and many believe in the Bible’s account of Adam and Eve — sin and death because of what they did. They both had the prospect of continual life. So what can I say? Pay for the sin, erase the death and then — life again. A simple equation.

I was sadly widowed when I was only 37 years old. It was tragic. Questions had to be answered, and they were. There are effects from causes — you’ve heard the expression: cause and effect. A human can die because of whatever — but that can be undone. Now comes the point of belief in what the Holy Bible explains: “Death spread to all mankind,” Romans 5:12. That’s a fact because we see it today.

So where are our loved ones now? Can it be possible what Jesus Christ stated at John 11:25, that they will come to life again? He paid the price and rescued us from what Adam did so we can regain a peaceful life here on earth as stated, or a heavenly existence for some.

“The meek will inherit the earth” is what we as children learned early on. We love this beautiful earth and delight in all that we can do and accomplish. Life can be glorious. That’s the “can be,” and it will be — if that quote is accepted and believed, as I do. 

Life in heaven is a very different type of life as explained in 1 Corinthians 15:39 on. A higher form of life that’s beyond human thinking for some but simply explained at Revelation 20:6 that some individuals will be kings and priests with God’s son, but the majority are to eventually enjoy our planet restored to a paradise as The Almighty purposed.

Thinking back and recalling all these wonderful promises of being reunited with our loved ones again has dried my tears. Our loved ones are just away for a while and will return. We will miss them — but only for a while.

Elaine W. Kniskern is a 80-year-old resident of Schenevus and a grandmother of five. She can reached at ‘Senior Scene’ columns can be found at www.