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May 2, 2013

Step Back in Time: May 2, 2013

The Daily Star

---- — 25 years ago

May 2, 1988

CHERRY VALLEY — Patriotic music, fanfare and chilly breezes accompanied the groundbreaking ceremonies Saturday for a new $9.8 million school for Cherry Valley-Springfield at the former Blumenstock farm on county Route 54 just northwest of Cherry Valley.

School Superintendent Carl Schrader described the project as “Cherry Valley-Springfield’s leap into the 21st century.”

Dr. Stanley King, school board president, reviewed the efforts of school officials and community members in the lengthy process over the past two years that led to the Cherry Valley-Springfield merger, reorganization of the two districts, election of a new school board and election for the site of the new school.

King acknowledged that some people are not happy with the merger or with the location of the new school. But he said the overriding goal of the whole merger effort remains what it has always been — to provide the best possible education at the most reasonable cost.


50 years ago

May 2, 1963

Bills, bills, bills!!

This has become a common cry to harassed American families who scream and then pay them anyway.

But when a telephone subscriber gets a bill for $5,865.70 for a month’s use of a normal house phone, the customer is apt to utter a scream of dismay, then disbelief and finally complete shock.

Mrs. George Ruling of 90 Clinton St. in Oneonta went through this experience this week but, fortunately, won’t have to worry about paying the bill.

Because of human error in the highly mechanized call recording and billing system, the New York Telephone Company sent in error to the Ruling family, a bill that was nearly 600 times the normal amount. 

The tax alone was 50 times the normal monthly phone bill at the Ruling household.

“I thought my glasses were dirty,” said Mrs. Ruling Wednesday. 

The package of bills cost the telephone company 20 cents to deliver.

“After seeing the bill, I remembered a story I had just read in the newspaper about some young child dialing numbers on his family’s phone and running up a large bill. All sorts of possibilities ran through my mind,” Mrs. Ruling said.

“Someone commented that I must have been betting at every track in the United States to build up a bill like that. If it were mine, I might have to take up betting to pay it off.”

The local office of the telephone company told The Star last night that the technicians had located and repaired a mistake in the wiring to the toll call recording equipment.

It seems the long distance calls of another subscriber had been accidentally channeled into the Rulings’ account in a billing device at the Oneonta office.