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October 9, 2013

Step Back in Time: Oct. 9, 2013

The Daily Star

---- — Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

50 years ago

Oct. 9, 1963

“The time may come when it will be possible to transmit knowledge directly into the human brain through electronic impulses,” said Donald S. Jones, general manager at Scintilla Division of Bendix, Tuesday as he spoke at the Hartwick College Founder’s Day lunch.

“Scientific evidence available today suggests that this may happen relatively soon,” he said.

“Even without this method of transmitting large masses of information, there is a strong need for proper management of the knowledge we possess,” he continued.

Mr. Jones challenged his listeners to properly educate students who will be capable of managing the specialists which modern society demands.

Quoting Francis Bacon, 16th and 17th century philosopher, that “knowledge is power,” Jones added that this is so only if knowledge is properly managed.

The failure of many students to take economics was cited as a weakness in efforts of the U.S. to train managers of knowledge.

“Has there therefore been enough study of economics to adequately control knowledge?” he asked.

The attributes required of the person who would manage knowledge were detailed by the Bendix Corporation executive.

“Required of such a person,” he said, “are hard work, the ability to face opposition, open mindedness, humility, thoroughness, curiosity, initiative and responsibility.”