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February 7, 2013

Step Back in Time: Feb. 7, 2013

The Daily Star

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50 years ago

Feb. 7, 1963

A girl and boy trudge home from school. The girl is struggling under a heavy load of books. The boy strolls along, hands in his pockets, a carefree, happy-go-lucky youngster.

They come to the boy’s house, and she hands him his books, talks for a minute, then goes on to her house.

What’s wrong with our younger generation?


It’s “Twirp Week” in Oneonta High School. And according to rules set up by the OHS Student Council, the girls must carry the boys’ books, open doors for them and give them all the other courtesies usually reserved for girls.

This even includes planning, and paying for dates with boys the girls ask out.

Saturday night culminates this unique week with a “slop hop” at the High School.

All the boys will dress up in their best white shirts, ties, sport coats and oldest dungarees.

Girls will don sweatshirts and old skirts or slacks.

During intermission, violators of the twirping rules will be accused and judged by four faculty members.

And to make sure that violators don’t escape notice of the court, five student “spies” have been planted in the student body to report to the “Mock Court.”

Later, awards will be given to girls who have “twirped” the most during the week, or who have obeyed the rules to the best of their abilities in the greatest number of ways.