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October 18, 2013

Step Back in Time: Oct. 18, 2013

The Daily Star

---- — Step Back Text ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Colorin Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Oct. 18, 1988

COOPERSTOWN — A baseball encased in a plastic cube, bearing the logo of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, will be part of the next space shuttle flight scheduled for late November.

It will be the second time a bit of Cooperstown has been flown into outer space this year.

When the shuttle named Discovery blasted off in September, it carried a sample of a blood protein called albumin taken from Dr. Theodore Peters Jr. of Basset Hospital.

The next flight, the shuttle Atlantis, will carry the baseball. On Monday the Cooperstown village office received notice the Cooperstown baseball had been safely delivered to Robert “Hoot” Gibson, the shuttle commander for the upcoming mission.

Gibson, born in Cooperstown, called the village office last month and asked whether he could bring a memento of Cooperstown along on the space flight.

Village Clerk Douglas Walrath, who took Gibson’s first call, said the request so startled him “I about fell off the chair.”

But it was the deputy village clerk, Martha Brown, who handled the follow up telephone calls with Gibson and the correspondence with NASA.

“The baseball seemed to be the right size and seemed to be symbolically correct,” she said Monday.

Village officials are hoping all five astronauts scheduled for the flight of Atlantis will sign the baseball so it can be displayed by the village and later given to the Hall of Fame for safekeeping.


50 years ago

Oct. 18, 1963

The severe autumn drought continued to tighten its grip on the tri-county area yesterday.

Though several officials are fearful of the consequences, should the drought continue, there were no reports of communities in danger yesterday.

Forest rangers report the forests are tinder-dry and streams, springs and fire ponds in many cases are “dried up.”

But adequate drinking water was available for residents of the Otsego-Delaware County area yesterday, Harold F. Rock, district sanitary engineer, reported.

In Delaware County, the dry spell has hit some farmers and they “are hauling water for their stock,” Tom Shultz, assistant Delaware County agent in Walton reported yesterday.

He said his office has received reports of many farmers digging new wells and others attempting to expand their present wells.

W. Dale Brown, Otsego County agricultural agent said that he’s received reports of farmers that the water supply is low. He also has heard that farmers are hauling water for their stock, digging new and deeper wells.

Oneonta hasn’t experienced any water shortage problem at this time.

Public Service director C.M. Taylor reports that the city’s reservoirs are down to the 80 inch point.

When it drops to 116 inches, Oneonta will turn to the Susquehanna River as a source of drinking water. Oneonta has an auxiliary pumping station on the millrace that is used in cases of emergency.