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December 14, 2013

Step Back in Time: Dec.14, 2013

The Daily Star

---- — 25 years ago

Dec. 14, 1988

Fourth-graders at Valleyview Elementary School in Oneonta have visions of computers and videogames appearing beneath the Christmas tree, even though many said they’re afraid they’ll find clothes instead.

But as the children entertain fanciful Christmas wishes for themselves, they also are thinking realistically about giving to children thousands of miles away in other parts of the world.

“We’re bringing in things for a box, and we’re going to send them to a needy girl and a needy boy,” said Ashley Pontius. She is planning to send scissors, a pencil and tablet of paper, something every boy and girl should have, she said.

“The class project is about helping people who may not get anything else for Christmas other than what we’re sending them,” said Jon Higgins.

David Tuthill, fourth-grade teacher, said his class of 9- and 10-year-olds voted to send a package to two needy children in Latin America through a group called “Friends of America.”

“It gives a little specialness to the season,” said Tuthill. The 25 pupils chose the project instead of exchanging gifts with one another, he said.

Pupils have been setting aside ice cream money to provide postage, and they are collecting items such as canned chicken and beef, a small American flag and a map, pencils, paper, slacks and marbles. Students are preparing to send the package, which also will include cards and a class photograph, by next week, Tuthill said.

Brad Alger is bringing in a candle, a pencil and a jackknife to put in the box destined for Latin America.

“It’s important because they’re things that people need every day,” he said.

50 years ago

Dec. 14, 1963

In the very near future, it may not be against the law to let an empty milk bottle go unrinsed.

Right now, if you don’t rinse out the bottle, you can be fined $10.

Which brings up the age-old story of Oneonta’s archaic ordinances.

The ordinance making it a $10 penalty for an unrinsed bottle is one of the many that will be updated by the Municipal Code Corporation of Tallahassee, Fla.

The ordinances have been in the hands of the coders since early this summer.

City officials are hoping in the “very near future” that the ordinances will be returned to Oneonta — modernized and cleared of all archaic “legal debris.”

City Clerk Christine Mannona said yesterday that galley proofs of the ordinances are expected in Oneonta “any day now.”

City Attorney Anthony DeAngelo revealed that he spent two days with the “editor” on the project.

Once the local officials agree on the revised code, the present municipal ordinances will be repealed and the new ones immediately adopted, he said.

But to get back to the milk bottle ordinance, though a resident can’t be fined for not rinsing the bottle, city officials will probably recommend that you do.

After all, it’s a good idea.