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January 23, 2013

Step Back in Time: Jan. 23, 2013

The Daily Star

---- — Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Jan. 23, 1988

DAVENPORT — Tables are set and rooms are ready for travelers who want homelike overnight comfort.

After almost a year, $15,000 worth of materials and hours of work, Bill Hodge and Stewart Wohlrab have combined their managerial, culinary and other skills to turn an old tavern into a modest inn.

“Places like this are always a ton of work, but it’s the kind of thing we enjoy doing,” said Hodge.

The Davenport Inn rests on state Route 23 in Delaware County about 12 miles from Oneonta. The two-story building offers eight rooms and an apartment for overnight accommodations, plus American-style “fine dining” on the weekends.

The building has been around since at least 1819, which it was “just a simple tavern,” Hodge said. Baseball teams, vaudeville actors and cattle drivers were among guests over the years, he said.

The Davenport Inn formerly has been known as the Hotel Smith, the American House and the Globe Hotel. The men want to restore the building’s earlier character and have it entered in state and national historic rolls.

The men found Davenport by getting lost. They had been looking at property in the area and made a wrong turn. When they stopped in Margaretville to ask for directions, they picked up a newspaper and saw an advertisement for the Davenport Inn.


50 years ago

Jan. 23, 1963

Reaction to the State University’s tuition and fee decision Tuesday was met by varied emotions from SUCO students in Oneonta.

Some turned out to burn Gov. Rockefeller in effigy. 

Many more remained in their rooms cramming for exams.

Some took their rally to downtown Oneonta.

But the governor was burned in effigy in front of Morris Hall on the Upper Level of the SUCO campus.

Rockefeller’s dummy was not a target for abuse as much as a symbol of discontent for a tuition plan, for the students who attended the rally.

The blasts at the governor were mixed with humor but the significant point the students tried to make was this:

Let’s get some attention so we can get public opinion on our side. We don’t want to pay tuition.

The students quoted SUCO President Royal F. Netzer as advising them that the only effective opposition to a tuition plan could take place through the mails.

A loudspeaker on an auto blared forth.

The speaker constantly referred to the “demonstration.”

His message was simple — “Get out and write those letters. Write to your legislators. Write to the newspapers.”

The loudspeaker began a chant, “Down with tuition.”

Immediately the chant was underway.

The rally or “demonstration” lasted 15 minutes.