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July 31, 2013

Step Back in Time: July 31, 2013

The Daily Star

---- — Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

50 years ago

July 31, 1963

Oneonta shoppers use more credit within the city and far fewer charge accounts outside the city than do shoppers in comparable communities, according to the shopping habit survey conducted by the Greater Oneonta Chamber of Commerce and the New York State Department of Commerce.

The survey shows that 62 percent of local shoppers use charge accounts in the city while only 18 percent have accounts outside the community.

Comparable communities show 56 percent use accounts within the city and 43 use out-of-town accounts.

The report notes that “the greater use of local credit by Oneonta shoppers suggests the obvious awareness and acceptance of local credit features, reasonableness and relative satisfaction.

“When we attempt to determine how attractive credit is away from Oneonta, less than one out of five have the urge to leave home to seek credit.”

It is pointed out that only 5.2 percent failed to answer the question on the use of local credit while 27.6 percent failed to answer regarding out of town credit.

The report comments:

“It is possible that more Oneonta shoppers use charge accounts away from home than is indicated by the 18 percent figure. This is due to the large percentage who did not choose to answer this question.”

The results also show that two out of three (68.6 percent) Oneonta shoppers purchase merchandise from established mail order catalogue houses.

Asked how often they order merchandise by mail, regardless of source, 61.6 percent stated they seldom do, 23.1 percent said they often order by mail and 15.3 percent said they never do.

Evaluating these answers, the report states:

“The group of significant size is the more than three out of five (61.6 percent) who seldom order merchandise by mail, slightly more than the 54 percent average of comparable communities.

“With no intention to detract from the small ‘dependable’ 15.3 percent of shoppers who fall into the ‘never’ pattern, considerable attention should be given the more than four out of five (84.7 percent) who often and seldom order merchandise by mail.”