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August 1, 2011

Street Talk : August 1, 2011

— Do you think Washington will come to a compromise and raise the federal debt limit?

"No, they don't even compromise on small issues."

_ Amanda Setlock, Oneonta, nurse.

"I would think so, they have never not raised it."

_ Mikayla Ratliff, Oneonta, nurse.

"I'm actually hoping they don't, anything that gets the government to spend less."

_ Pat Reily, Cobleskill, accountant.

"Yes, there is too much at stake to not raise it. If the elderly don't get their checks they will be the first to not re-elect them."

_ Florence Lowry, Oneonta, unemployed.

"I actually think they will last minute, but they will just push the decision down the line."

_ Ted Bauer, Walton, retired.

"No, they won't make a decision until they see people affected by it."

_ Adam Zimmerman, Walton, businesses owner.