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July 9, 2012

Street Talk: July 9, 2012

Daily Star

---- — How will summer gas prices affect your driving?

"I might golf a few more times this summer."

-- Mike Ellis, Delhi, student

"Since I work on a farm, it doesn't affect me that much either way."

-- Patrick Hennebery, Walton, farmer

"I will spend less on gas since they are coming down, but most trips can't be changed too much."

-- Vera West, Franklin, homemaker

"Since my family already made plans to go to the beach in North Carolina months ago, the prices won't affect me too much."

-- Elaine Hartmann, Oneonta, secretary

"It will cost less since the price is falling, but I won't drive more or less. The high prices didn't make me drive less."

-- Patricia

Tucker, Walton, psychotherapist

"Still won't be traveling as much, but I will have to go to Long Island to visit family."

-- Heidi Jordan, Franklin, machinist