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February 27, 2012

Street Talk Feb. 27, 2012: Who is responsible for higher gasoline prices, and why?

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"I believe, still to this day, there has been a long-term plan for endless war in the Middle East going back to the Bush Administration. Bush Sr. definitely pursued that. His son followed through. And now, unfortunately, we have Barack, too."

Adam Finch of Milford, counselor.

"The president. He's making the prices go up."

Eric Finch of Milford, rehabilitation worker.

"The gasoline companies. They know we'll pay $4 a gallon."

Tyler Keever of Oneonta, convenience store clerk.

"Wall Street speculators who want to see the price increase and subsidies to big oil."

David Hyland of Oneonta, retired state worker.

"I think it's the big gas companies. Everybody is panicking and the price is going up. People can't afford to go to work. It's really rough."

Bonnie Degroat of Hartwick, disabled.

"I think the government. They're the ones who set the oil prices with OPEC and any and all oil companies."

Clifford Finch of Walton, food service employee.